Inventory is an important process in any trading enterprise. The purpose of the inventory is to identify discrepancies between the actual availability of goods and data from the enterprise’s accounting system. The frequency of inventory is determined based on the speed and volume of movement of goods in the store. As a rule, the inventory is carried out once every three months, as well as unscheduled when changing materially liable persons, when establishing the facts of fraud and theft, when buying or selling a trading facility, when transferring goods and materials for storage to third parties.



To conduct a high-quality inventory, which will give TRUE information about the availability of goods in the store, trained employees, and the availability of special equipment and software are required. Some companies trust their employees to carry out the inventory, but in this case, it is quite difficult to be sure of the reliability of the data obtained.

The inventory process reflects not only the actual availability of goods but also possible problems with the movement of goods, acceptance, labeling, theft (including by own employees), defective goods, etc.

Also, the owner should always be prepared for the fact that the inventory taking by his own employees incurs additional money and time costs. This includes: additional payments to employees for overtime and additional work, lost profits during the inventory, hardware and software costs, etc.



The advantage of working with us, first of all, is that we offer a professional team of auditors led by a supervisor who will conduct an inventory at a convenient time for you (day, night, weekend) and provide actual data about the goods in your store without affecting sales.

We have developed unique methodologies for conducting inventories for all types of stores, taking into account the specifics of counting specific goods. For example, inventory in a grocery store differs significantly from inventory in a clothing or shoe store. Inventory can be carried out with or without a catalog of goods, with or without checking the list of discrepancies, and so on.

The staff of professional auditors is able to efficiently, quickly, and accurately conduct an inventory of any complexity.

The tools play a huge role in the inventory. We use modern Datalogic data collection terminals and proprietary software. When developing the software, we took into account all our experience and the wishes of the largest retail chains in the European market. Our software allows us to significantly increase the speed of obtaining and processing the results of the inventory (data is obtained in real-time). During the inventory process, we go through several stages of quality control to provide accurate results with minimal error.



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